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IP2Currency™ Exchange Rate Web Service is a hosted XML-Based Web API providing the user an easy way to get a localized & latest Currency Exchange Rate based on the visitor's IP address.

There is no need for you to perform an additional step of finding the visitor's country, as it will be automatically performed by our API server which will determine the country that the visitor originates from, and what is the commonly used currency, and the currency symbol.

In other words, it provides you all the necessary information with just one API call and saves you the efforts in finding the data from elsewhere.

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Exchange Rate: 1.0000
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Latest Exchange RateDate: 24 Jul, 2021
From To Rate
USD AUD 1.3574
USD CAD 1.2562
USD CHF 0.9198
USD EUR 0.8495
USD HKD 7.7697
USD JPY 110.5510
USD NZD 1.4343
USD SGD 1.3603

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